Wetsanding, cutting, and polishing


Have you ever seen nasty scratches in your paint and wondered, "Oh man that's probably impossible to fix and I wish I could do something about it." ????

Have you ever bought a car and found a spot incidentally after the purchase and thought, "Oh god... well that'll be a pain to fix and everyone is going to see that." ???

Well, the good news is, if your clearcoat is in good shape, and you have some patience, it's likely you can fix that, or at least improve it significantly.

Ceramic Coating Your Car

I decided to finally do a ceramic coat on my car since I didn't feel like paying $800 in labor to have someone else do it.  I used to do detailing on the side way back in the day, so while it's been a hot minute since I've done stuff like paint correction, it wasn't a foreign concept to me.  Now, I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial because I really just was planning on doing this for me, but when I posted my results on facebook, people pm'd me and wanted to know what I used, how I did it, how hard it was, and if they could do it to.

So, here we are.

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