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Wetsanding, cutting, and polishing


Have you ever seen nasty scratches in your paint and wondered, "Oh man that's probably impossible to fix and I wish I could do something about it." ????

Have you ever bought a car and found a spot incidentally after the purchase and thought, "Oh god... well that'll be a pain to fix and everyone is going to see that." ???

Well, the good news is, if your clearcoat is in good shape, and you have some patience, it's likely you can fix that, or at least improve it significantly.

Ceramic Coating Your Car

I decided to finally do a ceramic coat on my car since I didn't feel like paying $800 in labor to have someone else do it.  I used to do detailing on the side way back in the day, so while it's been a hot minute since I've done stuff like paint correction, it wasn't a foreign concept to me.  Now, I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial because I really just was planning on doing this for me, but when I posted my results on facebook, people pm'd me and wanted to know what I used, how I did it, how hard it was, and if they could do it to.

So, here we are.

Hiring Talent and not Skills

I was thinking about this today, and reminiscing on my many interviews over the past 4 months. While I have recently landed a new job, and am VERY excited for it, I figured I would share an interesting observation during my time looking for a job in COVID.

How Secure ARE your practices?

How secure are your practices? Really though.

I talked to one of my friends today and we were talking about security practices.  We got onto the subject of trust and access.  Namely the inherent trust that some companies give to employees.  There is a fine line to ride between trust in security and also intentions.  The conversation stemmed down to:  "How much security DO we give someone?"

The Disservice of TOO MANY Tools

I wanted to write about this because it seems to be a trend I'm seeing with a lot of companies who discuss their methodology of approaching automation.

In the most diligent of companies where I have seen some killer automation there is a pattern across the board that strikes semblance with other companies:  Active patterns, lack of anti-patterns, and an adoption of tools that make sense.  If a tool is to be adopted, does it replace another?  Does it serve a similar function of another?  

The Trickle Down Effect of Silicon Valley

There's an interesting thing out there people tend to notice during hiring sprees, and shifts and pivots in the IT industry.  That particular interesting thing is that whatever Silicon Valley tends to adopt, others tend to follow suit.  Not necessarily because it's "cool" or "popular" but because they know how to get people hired.  On not one, but five separate occasions with various interested employers I began noticing a pattern on these small startups that had that mentality.


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